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Dimensions, square footage

The house officially has 2,613 sq. ft. of livable space.

That’s just the 1st and 2nd floors, and doesn’t include the porch or the basement which sure seem livable to us.

Click the image for a pdf of all the dimensions of the living spaces.

Here are the totals:

1st floor: 1306 sq. ft
2nd floor: 1306 sq.ft
Basement: 1306 sq. ft
Porch: 260 sq. ft. (13×20)
Patio: 312 sq. ft. (12.5×25)
Garage: 677 sq. ft (24×24.5 plus 25.5×3.5)
Attic: 1306 sq. ft.

The site/lot dimensions are 86′ x 165′ – 14,190 sq. ft. — a third of an acre (0.32637).