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More snow

IMG_6172.JPG IMG_6165.JPG IMG_6156.JPG
We got a few more inches of snow this morning and by this afternoon, the skies cleared and the cross country skiers were swarming all over Carleton’s Upper Arb. ‘Twas gorgeous.

IMG_6179.JPG IMG_6181.JPG
When I got back home, I noticed the neighbor girls building a snow fort/mound in their front yard, tunneling underneath it and trying to get their dog to go in.


Snow, finally, and a good neighbor to have

IMG_6118.JPG IMG_6120.JPG IMG_6121.JPG
We finally got a decent snowfall last night (4-5 inches of fluff) and it looks like it’ll stay around a while. Click photos to enlarge.


For many years, our neighbor to the north, Gary Schnobrich, has generously used his snowblower on our driveway after a heavy snowfall. He even waits till after the snowplows have gone by.

Plus, he blows a swath from his house south across our yard to the south to make it easy for us all to go back and forth, as well as for the postal workers to deliver the mail without having to go up and down each driveway.

I try to return the favor by lending him my mulching lawn mower in the warm months, but then he always gets one up on me by bringing over lots of vegetables from his garden in the fall.

Using geotagged photos to show the surrounding area

I’ve created a Flickr map with geotagged photos to show you some of what’s near our house here in Northfield: schools, trails, parks, businesses, downtown… all within 6 blocks or so, almost all connected by trails and sidewalks.

Just click the screenshot image and you’ll be taken to the map page where I recommend that you select the hybrid view (satellite plus street maps) and zoom all the way down to the lowest level.

Click the markers to see one or more photos taken at that location and a brief description of what’s in the photo.

New dog park nearby

IMG_3938w800.jpg IMG_4149w800.jpg IMG_4147w800.jpg
Last week, workers put up the outer, removable fence for the new dog park in Babcock Park next to the rodeo grounds on Hwy. 3. The park is accessible via trail/walking path from our house, once you walk north on Linden St. two blocks to Riverside Park. From there, it’s under the bridge and you’re there.

The weekend prior, volunteers from the group, Canines at Play, dug the holes and installed the poles for the permanent fence along the back of the park.

IMG_4144w800.jpg IMG_4145w800.jpg IMG_4146w800.jpg
I drove by the park last weekend and took these photos of a father and his two kids giving their dog a workout. Click photos to enlarge.

Nearest neighbors

Our nearest neighors are all going to have Midwest repair their roofs and siding. So late this afternoon, we all gathered in the street in front of our house for an impromptu discussion of all-things construction-related while the roofing crew hammered away in the background.

In the group photo on the right (L to R): Alex Kaufman, my wife Robbie and daughter Gilly (that’s Gilly in the center photo with the dog), Jeannie and Gary Schnobrich (our neighbors to the north), and Kevin and Helena Kaufman (neighbors directly across the street to the east).

There are several houses on the block with children in the pre-school through elementary age, too.

Rehabbed house across the street

IMG_1995.JPG Aura's house across the street was sold last year not long after she died. The people who bought it have completely gutted it and rehabbed it from top to bottom, inside and out, working nights and weekends for months.

They intend to put in back on the market as soon as it's complete, which should be soon. Click photo to enlarge.