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Tilstra house for sale near Northfield

darwin_tilstra.jpgDarwin Tilstra took a walk through our house over the holidays. Darwin and his son Micha are fellow racquetball players. He’s also a coffeehouse laptop jockey like me, working as a as Genetic Improvement Manager for Norsvin USA.

tilstra_house1.jpgHe’s very interested in our house but he’s got one of his own on the market. So I thought I’d help him sell it!

Here’s a description on the Edina Realty listing page for the house:

Absolutely gorgeous country style home, redone from studs to redesigning & everything new. Very elegant with custom architecturally designed interview, from flooring to appliances to the solid oak throughout home. You have to see it to truly appreciate it.

11678 Kane Avenue Northfield, MN 55057
MLS#: 3095534
Price: $549,000
Contact: Brian Trebelhorn


Stair treads

IMG_5691.JPG IMG_5682.JPG
Robbie bought stair treads for the basement stairs a few months ago and she waited til last weekend to put them on (left photo – click to enlarge). We liked them so much we decided to put them on the main stairway.

New “About the House” page

I’ve added a new page to this blogsite called About The House where I’m working on a narrative summary — history, features, neighborhood, main selling points, etc. with links to pertinent blog posts.

I was thinking I should probably go read real estate listings and take time to learn how to pitch a house. But nah. I’ll go with my own words for now.

New siding

We spent $20,000+ about five years ago to completely reside the house with some classy-looking vinyl siding. The house is a Victorian but not a classic Victorian with the ornate touches usually associated with that style, so we didn’t believe that keeping the hard-to-maintain wood siding was important. We think we chose wisely. The company who did the work did a fantastic job. Click the photos for closeups.