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Kitchen finished

We gave you a teaser of the kitchen back in May and then in September after we painted it. Here it is after we completed all the finishing touches last weekend.
IMG_5276.JPG IMG_5272.JPG IMG_5274.JPG IMG_5275.JPG


Spiffing up the kitchen and the front entry

IMG_1880w800.jpg IMG_1882w800.jpg IMG_1883w800.jpg

We’ve taken some time the last few weeks to spiff up the kitchen, painting the cabinets, as well as the walls. Likewise, we repainted the front entry (right). Click photos to enlarge.

Kitchen window

IMG_2002.JPG I washed the kitchen window last week, the one above the kitchen sink that faces south and overlooks the patio behind the garage.

The windows slide left and right but they also open to the inside to really let in the southerly breezes and springtime fragrances.