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Small bedrooms #2 and #3 of 3

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The east-facing bedroom on the 2nd floor is currently Robbie’s office. It features three large windows. Click photos to enlarge.

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The south-facing bedroom on the 2nd floor is currently my office. It feaures a door that exits onto the garage roof. There used to be a small porch there, as you can see from this photo.  We decided to leave the door and it is direct and easy access out of the second floor and some future owner may want to put a little porch on this sunny side of the house.

See small bedroom #1 which I blogged back in early Dec.

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The trio of small bedrooms (we called it “the boys wing”) shares a large, floor-to-ceiling, built-in closet in the hall outside the three rooms.


Large bedroom #2

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The other large upstairs bedroom faces southwest and overlooks the back patio and the backyard. It has a large 6×7 closet with a window (seen in the center of the right photo).

We’ve been using the room for excess storage and have finally whittled it down to a few boxes of photos and family videos. It’ll function as a guest bedroom for kids/relatives over the holidays.

Small bedroom #1 of 3

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At some point in the house’s history, one of the three large bedrooms was divided up into two smaller bedrooms with a hall and large 6 foot floor to ceiling closet…. the third bedroom in this group was a porch room.  This arrangement worked perfectly for us with three older boys and a girl.   The three bedrooms became “the boys wing.”  Its window is to the north and looks out over the porch, which becomes a handy lounging area in the warmer months — just open the window and climb out.

 With the boys now gone to adulthood, this bedroom is now our daughter’s. (The other two bedrooms are now my office and Robbie’s office… photos of those rooms are under “bedrooms” in the column on the right.) 

Large bedroom #1

IMG_5235.JPG IMG_5217.JPG IMG_5233.JPG
We finished staging our master bedroom last weekend, after cleaning up all the remaining dust and plaster from the ceiling job. It faces the north side of the house and is one of two large bedrooms. The large closet used to be a crib room between the bedrooms.  This would have been used when it was an inn.  Click photos to enlarge.

The bed is a large, California-style, king-sized Select Comfort. No, it doesn’t go with the house but it may help give a little perspective on how large the room is.

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