Monthly Archives: October 2006

Ceiling water damage

We noticed some discoloration of the ceilings in some of the second floor rooms a couple of weeks ago and wondered whether it was hailstorm related. Our insurance company, Auto Owners, sent out Charles Schaal, a representative from Rainbow International, to assess whether or not there was still moisture present anywhere using an infrared gizmo.

He didn’t find any existing moisture but found plenty of evidence of recent moisture. The insurance adjuster, Todd Hodapp, and Jon Cooper from Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, came out to take a look and a few days later, we were approved for ceiling repairs. Evidently, when the hailstorm broke the roof vents, the rain during that 10 am storm and the heavy rain later in the day from the 6 pm storm leaked into the attic and seaped its way into the second floor ceilings. So now we have a big repair job to contend with, since the old ceilings have wallpaper on them. Oy.


Fall colors

Our neighbors to the north and west have maples that turn in the fall before any of ours do. We appreciate it! The photo in the center is taken from the second floor room where Robbie currently has her office, looking east at the tree in the left photo.

Storm repairs update

Robbie wrote up this summary of work done and work to come:

We watched Mark and Brad’s siding crew pack up on Monday the 2nd. The were very fastidious and tidy. Lee got a ladder out to go back up to a window that had paint on it from before we moved in, and scrape it off for me. We have never been able to get to it. He even did it with a smile on his face. These guys we very pleasant to have around. Having a team be in your yard — pounding on the walls, wrapping windows, no privacy — without getting on your nerves says a lot. We were sorry to see them leave but grateful for the silence. They did a great job and all had a sense of humor. Thanks Mark and Brad….. your team did a great job and we will certainly recommend you to others.

The siding crew had not been gone for more then a couple of hours when Mr Kim showed up and was walking up and down the street. Apparently he has the painting crew that will work on our house as well as the neighbors around us. He had a great smile and introduced himself. Said it would be a week or so before he got down here.

On Wednesday, John and Justin both called to let me know that the gutter guys would be here on Monday the 9th.

We are moving into some cold weather so the exterior painting is going to be tricky to work in, plus the neighbors all have painting work to be taken care of. Our new windows are scheduled to arrive sometime after the 20th. Pretty good timing since they are custom. We picked up a new front storm door at Menard’s and John said they would install it for us. This is turning out to be virtually painless.

John also said that Mark and Brad’s team will be back to put the new screen around the porch. The house is really looking nice and all these repairs will be a real great plus for someone interested in buying it. The outside stuff is pretty much all new, with good, transferable guarantees.