Monthly Archives: August 2006

Hailstorm house/yard damage

IMG_3573w800.jpg IMG_3574w800.jpg IMG_3579w800.jpg IMG_3577w800.jpg IMG_3580w800.jpg
Damage to our shingles, siding, window trim and downspouts.

IMG_3588w800.jpg IMG_3599w800.jpg IMG_3597w800.jpg IMG_3598w800.jpg
Tree debris on our porch roof and backyard; hailholes in the sod; our neighbor’s mashed garden.


Hailstorm videos

IMG_3566w1000.jpg IMG_3568w1000.jpg

A severe hailstorm just hit Northfield. I’ve never seen baseball-sized hail before. We have shingle and siding damage… thankfully, our cars were inside. Click photos to enlarge.

Click play to view. 1 minute, 27 seconds.
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