About the house

We’re selling our 92+ year-old Victorian-style house in the southwest corner of Northfield, Minnesota and buying a condo downtown.

Price: $299,900. Details here.

We’ve lived here since 1989 when our kids were 13, 11, 9, and 4. All but one has moved out and she’s almost at that stage, too. We’re ready to downsize and simplify.

Originally, the house was part of a larger structure, an inn, located a couple blocks to the west, approximately where McDonald’s is today. In the mid-60s, Hwy 3 was rerouted (it had used Jefferson Road to the south on the way to Faribault) and the house needed to be moved. It was cut in half, with the smaller half moved a block to our south on Jefferson Road in 1965 and the larger half, our house, to its location on Linden St. South in 1974. So the house has all the charm of an older Victorian but it rests on a modern, 30 year-old foundation with a large basement, large garage, and a porch added in the mid-80s.

The second floor has five bedrooms — two large and 3 small — and a full (tub/shower) bathroom. The main floor has a large living room, family room, and half-bath (all three with their own fireplace — not currently in use), and the kitchen. The house has an unfinished attic, accessible by a stairway off the second floor hallway. And it has a full basement with a 3/4 bathroom (shower), laundry tub, fireplace (not in use) and a double cellar door stairway to the backyard patio. The two-car garage (with electric garage-door openers) is oversized with plenty of room for bikes and a workbench. And the large screen porch is on the north side of the house, completely shaded from the sun. See the dimensions/square footage blog post for more.

For a family with kids, the house is ideally located near:

  • Schools: the district’s high school, middle school, and one of its elementary schools are within walking distance. See the blog post about schools for more.
  • Recreation: Riverside Park, the dog park, the Cannon River, and the athletic fields of the school district are all within 4 blocks. See the geotagged photos blog post for more.
  • Downtown. it’s just 6 blocks away

For a family with kids, the house:

  • Has a backyard big enough for volleyball, badminton, frisbee, etc.
  • Is on a street with many neighbors who have kids
  • Has a big basement that our kids used for roller skating, ping pong, billiards, hide ‘n seek, parties, etc.

Renovations: Not only did the house get an infrastructure upgrade (new foundation, porch, garage, etc) when it was moved here 30 years ago.

It got another upgrade this fall after Northfield got hit with baseball-sized hail in an August thunderstorm.

We sustained over $75,000 of damage and so we now have new:

  • Shingles/roof vents
  • Vinyl siding
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Window trim and screens
  • Porch screens
  • Attic windows
  • Second floor ceilings
  • Misc external paint

See the blog category hailstorm repairs for details on all these improvements.