Wigley house 4 sale: closing set for Sept. 14

We have a buyer. Two weeks from today, we close on the house. We’re madly packing, as are the new owners who are moving from St. Paul.

I asked them how they found the house and what they thought of the blog:

What happened was, we hit Google for “northfield mn real estate” or something similar, found an MLS page with a couple of houses we liked, and I kept saying “I dunno, the Linden street one looks really cool”. Anyway, then I did another search with different terms, and the blog came up, and I looked at it — and immediately IMd my spouse to say “hey, look, there’s a blog for that Linden Street house”.

20:21:39 – Woah, they have a blog!
20:28:15 – I’m sold.
20:28:22 – They love that place, and everything got redone in 2006.
20:28:35 – I have written a polite email asking whether we could come have a look at it tomorrow.

We were already leaning towards “the Linden place” a bit, but the blog was absolutely the hook. We then went out to Perkins to sit around worrying that you’d already sold it.