Snow, finally, and a good neighbor to have

IMG_6118.JPG IMG_6120.JPG IMG_6121.JPG
We finally got a decent snowfall last night (4-5 inches of fluff) and it looks like it’ll stay around a while. Click photos to enlarge.


For many years, our neighbor to the north, Gary Schnobrich, has generously used his snowblower on our driveway after a heavy snowfall. He even waits till after the snowplows have gone by.

Plus, he blows a swath from his house south across our yard to the south to make it easy for us all to go back and forth, as well as for the postal workers to deliver the mail without having to go up and down each driveway.

I try to return the favor by lending him my mulching lawn mower in the warm months, but then he always gets one up on me by bringing over lots of vegetables from his garden in the fall.