Nearby Wi-fi with your coffee, beer, and grub; broadband infrastructure

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Northfield has a tradition of providing free public access to the internet going back to 1997 when put a terminal in the Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse. Eight downtown locations have free w-fi, all within easy walking distance of our house.

Northfield is well-served by high-speed, broadband internet service providers. DSL is available from several ISPs, including Earthlink, Lakes Internet, and DM Broadband. Charter Communications has the cable TV contract in town — we subscribe to its 7 mg service. And MidWest Wireless has its Clearwave high-speed wireless. And with the colleges having installed the fibre for their internet2 access last year, there are now discussions going on among the town’s leaders about how some of that excess capacity could be used (the fiber runs right through the middle of downtown) for FTTP / FTTH / FTTB.