Pioneer Press article on using blogs to sell houses

On the front page of today’s At Home section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, reporter Julio Ojeda-Zapata has a Personal Tech column titled Owners post Internet blogs to sell properties which features this blog and my son Tyson’s house-for-sale blog in St. Paul. (Julio is one of the few print reporters in the industry who has both a blog and a podcast: Your Tech.)

It’s also one of the “spotlight” articles in the Home section and a “top story” of their Personal Technology section of their website. Click the images above for larger versions.

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I’ve flipped on the comments feature here in case visitors have questions or comments raised by the article.


5 thoughts on “Pioneer Press article on using blogs to sell houses

  1. Griff Wigley Post author

    It’s great, of course, to have this kind of coverage in a buyer’s market.

    The problem, though, as one of my morning coffee buddies pointed out to me, is that if either Tyson or I sell our house to someone who finds out about us from the article, it shoots a hole in the claim that using a blog to sell a house is an effective strategy.

    I guess that’ll be a good problem to have.

    And now it’s time to clean the garage and fix a toilet.

  2. Griff Wigley Post author

    In case you’re wondering who the guys are in the article’s screenshot graphic – see my screenshot of the article here:

    The photo on the right is from the new porch screens blog entry at:
    featuring Professional Exteriors from Farmington, Minnesota, owned by Brad Hildreth and Mark Feldhacker. They did our siding.

    The photo on the left is from the attic windows blog entry at:
    featuring the crew from Creative Home Solutions in Milaca.

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