Ceiling water damage

We noticed some discoloration of the ceilings in some of the second floor rooms a couple of weeks ago and wondered whether it was hailstorm related. Our insurance company, Auto Owners, sent out Charles Schaal, a representative from Rainbow International, to assess whether or not there was still moisture present anywhere using an infrared gizmo.

He didn’t find any existing moisture but found plenty of evidence of recent moisture. The insurance adjuster, Todd Hodapp, and Jon Cooper from Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, came out to take a look and a few days later, we were approved for ceiling repairs. Evidently, when the hailstorm broke the roof vents, the rain during that 10 am storm and the heavy rain later in the day from the 6 pm storm leaked into the attic and seaped its way into the second floor ceilings. So now we have a big repair job to contend with, since the old ceilings have wallpaper on them. Oy.