New dog park nearby

IMG_3938w800.jpg IMG_4149w800.jpg IMG_4147w800.jpg
Last week, workers put up the outer, removable fence for the new dog park in Babcock Park next to the rodeo grounds on Hwy. 3. The park is accessible via trail/walking path from our house, once you walk north on Linden St. two blocks to Riverside Park. From there, it’s under the bridge and you’re there.

The weekend prior, volunteers from the group, Canines at Play, dug the holes and installed the poles for the permanent fence along the back of the park.

IMG_4144w800.jpg IMG_4145w800.jpg IMG_4146w800.jpg
I drove by the park last weekend and took these photos of a father and his two kids giving their dog a workout. Click photos to enlarge.