Using a blog to sell a house

My son Tyson got a comment on his house for sale weblog yesterday from a reporter at ABC’s Good Morning America who wrote,

“I’m a writer at Good Morning America. We’re doing a story on people who blog about selling their homes, can we show video of your blog on the air tomorrow morning? It would be a pretty short shot.”

They’re doing a Sell your house in seven days series this week with contributor Barbara Corcoran and today’s segment was on marketing your house.

Tyson asked the reporter, Lara Naaman, how she found his blog. She said she did a search on the words blog my house for sale without any quotes (not a phrase, in other words) and his house came up 9th on Google.

Alas, the blogging portion didn’t happen today due to a time-squeeze. But maybe we can pitch the idea to other reporters, especially here in Minnesota.

1:30 PM update: My son’s blog post about all this mentions their web story today titled Insider marketing tricks to sell your house in which Corcoran writes:

Start a blog. It’s free and is as easy as going on to You can show more photos of your house than on a Realtor’s Web site, and get a little personal. Not too personal, of course, but say something like, “We’ve had a lot of birthday parties in this backyard.”