Hailstorm repairs on the way from Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows

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The day after the storm, Jon Cooper, a representative from Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows paid a visit to many of the homeowners on our street, including us. We liked what he had to say and after checking out the company on Angie’s List and their status with the Better Business Bureau, we signed an initial non-binding agreement to work with them, as did five our neighbors. (Click all photos to enlarge.)

Jon crawled up on our steep roof to check for holes in case of rain and found many. He promised to call later that evening to let us know if he could get someone from his crew down to temporarily patch the holes. He did phone, and …

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the next day, Saturday morning, Aug. 26, Jon showed up with the ower of Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, Greg Gerulis (left), who made the rounds with all the neighbors to get to know the specifics of each situation. Later that afternoon, Adam Lewis, their roofing crew supervisor (right photo), showed up to put a tarp on one of our peaks and to caulk some of the larger holes and cracks in the attic vents.

Our insurance company is Auto-Owners and our agency is Gene Flom Insurance in Cannon Falls. We phoned in a claim as soon as the storm was over on Thursday, and on the following Monday, we got a call from a catastrophe center in the Twin Cities telling us that it would likely be ten days or longer before they could get an adjuster out. We called our agent and asked to have us moved up in the queue since we really want to get our house on the market by October.

IMG_3604w800.jpgTwo hours later, Todd Hodapp, field claims rep from the Rochester office of Auto-Owners (left in left photo) showed up to do the assessment. Jon Cooper was there with him to do his estimate and discuss the damage informally with Todd.

By Wednesday we got a phone call from Todd confirming that they’d pay the claim as submitted by Midwest and by Friday we had the check. This morning, Jon arrived to go over all the details and the repairs on the roof are set to begin on Wednesday this week.

All in all thus far, we’ve been very pleased with the service and professionalism shown by Midwest (Jon Cooper especially) and the responsiveness of Auto-Owners, both Connie and Nancy at Flom and Todd Hodapp with Auto-Owners. We feel quite fortunate, too. For a $1000 deductible, we’ll have a new roof and new siding — a nice asset for the next owners of our house.